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Originally, Picasso Salon & Spa was opened in 2006 by an accomplished hair stylist and her husband. After about five years, the couple decided to retire and put the salon up for sale. Close by and looking for something more was Kim Fox. She heard about the sale of Picasso Salon & Spa and got to thinking. She  always wanted to run her own salon, but knew should could not manage the business by herself. So, Kim turned to the only person she knew and trusted for help, her good friend Tammy Kabalan. The two had been working together in salons for twelve years. They shared many of the same views and ideas. With Tammy fully on-board and thrilled about owning her own salon, the women got started building their dream. It wasn’t easy, and it did not happen overnight. After a little hard work and some from their friends, Picasso Salon & Spa officially opened, under the ownership of Tammy and Kim, on the 1st of September 2010.

Picasso Salon & Spa is the culmination of two women’s lifelong dream.  It was founded as a place where high-end beauty meets a city on the beach; where guests feel like family and employees work as a team.

Picasso’s Picks

Each month our staff makes a pick of their favorite.  Picks can be anything from a favorite cut, to a favorite place for lunch.  Check out this month’s Picasso’s Picks, it just may become YOUR favorite!

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“I just love reading Picasso’s Picks.  They are very informative!”

“Picasso’s Picks are a must read for me every month.”

“It’s great to hear what the stylists think of products.”

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