Curly Hair

Hi, Tammy here again, owner and stylist at Picasso Salon & Spa with this month’s Picasso’s Pick. Smooth straight hair can be glamorous when done correctly. But, this month I am going in the opposite direction of smooth straight hair. I am choosing curly hair as my Picasso’s Pick. Yes, curly hair is back and so very versatile!

I have naturally curly hair myself and love to work with it. There are so many different curly looks, bedhead, teased out for that 70’s disco look, scrunchy waves, smooth on top and curls down bottom, mermaid curls, spiraling curls, straight-ended waves, ultra thin spirals, medium barrel curls and big barrel waves. Even short hair looks great with the curly bob. Tight corkscrew curls or loose corkscrew curls work on any hair length.

Not all of these looks are achievable on all hair types, but have you tried to bring out your curliness? Here at Picasso Salon & Spa, we enjoy showing clients how they can use products and styling techniques to coax out their natural wave. When going for curl, some of our favorite methods include a diffuser to help minimize frizz, a salt spray product to help define curls and fluffing to help shape the curls. With the right styling product, a good cut, and a diffuser, we have amazed clients! Think you can’t do a curly look, let us amaze you too.

So, next time you are here at Picasso Salon & Spa, try going with the natural curl of your hair and let the waves take over, or change it up with products and wear a smooth look that still has body. Come and get your curl on. And, don’t forget to tell everyone; after you read about it in Picasso’s Picks, you just had to try it!