Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter

Hey, Tammy here, owner of Picasso Salon & Spa with this month’s Picasso’s Pick. I’ve been a stylist for many years now and owner of Picasso Salon & Spa for over 7 years. The humidity can be low in Virginia Beach this time of year and hairstyles can fall flat. With that in mind, my Picasso’s Pick for this month is Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter.

We love the Scruples entire line, but Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter is a favorite. If you have fine, thin hair, this product is definitely for you. You will be amazed at the volume you get after blow-drying. But, it’s not just for fine, thin hair. Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter adds fullness, body and shine to all hair types. Your hair will look and feel thicker.

When using Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter, first be sure to shake well. Apply Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter evenly throughout towel-dried hair or spray directly to the root area. Then, blow dry or allow your hair to dry naturally. The result: unbelievable body and shine!

The Scruples line gluten-free, paba-free and cruelty-free. Scruples Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®) is comprised of four essential ingredients, (1) mucopolysaccharides that add moisture-binding qualities to keep hair flexible, healthy and shiny; (2) UV absorbers to help protect hair from environmental damage and color fade; (3) hydrolyzed proteins to provide hair with strength, body and volume and (4) silicone conditioners to promote shine for healthy, conditioned hair. Whatever your hair type, PBX® works to replenish moisture and add protein to help maintain elasticity and improve hair’s inner strength.

So next time you are here at Picasso Salon & Spa, whether you have thin, fine, coarse, normal or color treated hair, ask your stylist about Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter. You will love how manageable, healthy and noticeably sexy your hair looks and feels. Then, make sure you mention that you read about it in Picasso’s Picks.