Seasonal Hair Color Change

Hey, Kathy here, stylist at Picasso Salon & Spa with this month’s Picasso’s Pick. I’ve been a stylist for over 29 years now and working with clients at Picasso Salon & Spa for over 7 years. With summer just a memory, and the winter months on the way, we change our wardrobe, our eating habits and even our sleeping habits. A great pic-me-up this time of year is a change in your hair color. With that in mind, my Picasso’s Pick for this month is a seasonal hair color change.

Summer lightens our hair and with that comes damage from the sun, sand and chlorine. When summer is over, colors everywhere become darker. Instead of seeing aqua, yellow and white everywhere; we see colors like black, orange, and cream. With color tones changing for the season, so should the color of your hair, with a seasonal hair color change. Going with a richer deeper color will actually make your hair appear healthier and shinier.

If you are looking for a pick-me-up, a seasonal hair color change just might do the trick. Adding a little depth and dimension helps to brighten skin. When going darker for the winter, review color swatches with your stylist. This way you can discuss and choose the color that is right for you. Whether you are blonde or brunette, the color you would choose doesn’t necessarily differ. The goal is to go with a richer deeper color. Subtle color changes can be completed in one appointment. If you decide to go quite a bit darker, avoid the big shock by using a gradual method with lowlights. Even ombré can still accomplish a seasonal hair color change by going a shade darker through the ends.

So next time you are here at Picasso Salon & Spa and starting to feel the winter blues coming on, ask your stylist about a seasonal hair color change. You will love how it makes you feel warmer while dreaming about the spring and summer months to come. Then, make sure you mention that you read about it in Picasso’s Picks.